Say No to Racism: Out of Blood and Fire, Freedom was Born! “The Weaker are getting Stronger”!

In the wake of the world protests against #Racism [#Black #Lives#Matter], I have been drawn back to various historical moments and periods in this world history, specifically to look at the moments of struggle that “#Black lives have gone through. Amidst huge literature [both #documentary and #musical] that I came across, my heart has been so touched by among others, Miriam Makeba Centre Of Performing Arts – University Of Fort Hare, E.L #MiriamMakeba #revolutionary song released in 1977.The song is about the #Soweto uprising that occurred in 1976, following the decision by the #apartheid #government of #South#Africa to make #Afrikaans a medium of instruction at school. The uprising was forcefully put down by the police, leading to the #death of between 176 and 700 people x). Nonetheless, Apartheid was overcame in South Africa at least by 1990, leaving other factors constant. In the same spirit, Africa has overcame the oppressive #Atlantic #Slave #Trade, not to mention the years of #colonial and #imperialism #projects!

However, following the historical structure of the #global #system [that I won’t discuss here], African countries [and blacks across the world] have found themselves conscripted into confines of a structure that has since time in memorial descried them as ‘#lesser #race#inhuman#animals#traditional#superstitious, and unfit for life to mention but a few. Regardless of the so-called independence attainment, ‘neocolonialism’ is a reality today. Additionally, globalisation has left our so-called sovereign states instead ‘stateless and powerless’ [Real power is in the hands of the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and other international agencies like the G’z and U-something-N-!!! :). No wonder the status quo of discrimination against ones skin colour has persisted in a century that is believed to be at the helm of human civilisation.

Meanwhile, those that for so-long have taught and preached hatred, discrimination, and isolation, it is high time for them to know that, African Lives Matter! Africa has had its own history [and moreover a progressive one (if you have heard about the Magreb Kingdoms of the Berbers, Nubians, Egyptian civilisation, The Aksum Kingdoms, The Napatan and the Meroe, I think you can agree with me on this fact), unfortunately the so-called “civilised West and Europe does not want to hear about this” as they continue to play their racism cards which was an unheard of scenario in premodern African history. Therefore, what is unveiling in Europe and the West today, is just an evidence that, if they do not realise and wake up to the reality that “the weaker is getting strong”, that “the blacks are equally human as they take themselves to be”, then the world will rise against them, and the struggle will be inclusive, with no regard to colour, but fought on humanity terms! for the truth is, we are all humans who deserved somewhat equal respect, treatment, and favour. 

These are the silent revolutionary voices that arise from the old lyrics of Miriam Makeba song of “Soweto Blues” that I have attached for you herein. Music is power, as Hainrich Heine lamented, “Where words leave off, music begins”, enjoy the vibe as you think about that “World that all of us would wish to live in”.

One thought on “Say No to Racism: Out of Blood and Fire, Freedom was Born! “The Weaker are getting Stronger”!

  1. Here is a facebook comment from one of my Comrades (Nsamba Ahumedi) who reacted back to the post and below I will also attach my reply. The debate continues, this is a freelance blog that you can contribute too with no fear or favour.

    Nsamba Ahumedi:

    Well, prepared comrade but still with an unforeseen circumstances of what happens in Africa her self.
    Before telling the world that Africa and black lives matter, first practice it and it will send signal to the culprits. We shall always be wasting time to teach the west how we matter and yet our leaders “taken as demy gods in their countries ” often look to the west for debts and donations, how do black lives matter then?
    We will not show the world how black lives matter yet a few years back a black man in South Africa was shot dead on a national television by black police men,
    We will not publish information of black lives matter when the police in uganda is moving with the court in their hands and on this I can’t waste time calculating for you the lives that have been taken in broad day light.
    The bible says in mathew 7:4 why do you point on the speck in your friend’s eye before removing a log in your own eyes”.
    If you show every one that you are not in love with your own child, who will love this child for you?
    Our own leaders need these lessons but not the west, we are nolonger slaves to the neighbor but slaves to our own. The black sufferage is a result of betrayal by leaders,
    What do you think will happen to blacks oppressed in china and the diaspora if African leaders a baby sitting the so called investors who seem not to deserve any pernishment in return for the black oppression in their country but rather protected by the real African leaders because of promising them streets in china?
    I appreciate your time and research but in my understand I think we are pointing the gun to a wrong person (the west).

    Sserwadda Erisa: Thank you Comrade for your thoughtful reply:Our leaders are less to be blamed. These leaders find themselves in a structure that was long established; perhaps they have no power to SAY NO to the “Order from above”, Our leaders in Africa do not rule because they have gotten majority vote from the subjects; I think no, they do so, because some one in London, Paris, or Washington, has said Yes! That is the reality that we have to wake up to! That is the politics of the current global order.

    The shooting of the Black man in South is a clear reproduction of the colonial legacy, that Black man shooting ablack is a subject of a superstructure which him or her herself has no powers to challenge! Yes, we do hate ourselves and fellow Black fellows but not because it is what we wish, but simply because that is what we have been raised up to! The taking of lives by the Police in Uganda, is simply what they have been raised up to do. I think you can agree with me that, the history of Police formation is s direct link to colonialism.

    Police and Armies were established not to protect you and I, they were established to protect the interests of the ‘colonial man’ my brother, I do not blame as such, because the forces behind them, is too much for anyone to handle! I have been part of them, so, I know what I am talking about! If you are so keen with these forces in African countries, you will find that, actually up to today, we are trained by the West and East officials, not because they are too happy and humanistic to pass onto their skills to us, no Please, just because they do have extended interests!! We cannot run away from the international order established by the West and Europe, and think that we will address home issues ourselves, No. This is because they created what we are going through, they continuously unfortunately still do through the earlier mentioned ways, so, do not separate and blame anything that ‘a black man’/Africa is going through, on the ‘Africans’ themselves. And perhaps, it shouldn’t be a blame game, I prefer to call it ‘an awakening call’ to the world!

    The historical ghosts are hunting the contemporary world down, Wake up! Yes, on top of educating our own leaders, these leaders like I and You, Him and Her, clearly know ‘what is right’ but look, their is what what we call ‘Geopolitics’; this is the silent power that no single person can oppose! If you decided to oppose it, then you are branded a dictator, and in the few days, suctions are thrown against you! As much as we have institutional and structural weakness, these won’t be addressed without questioning the ‘invisible forces’, that I and you won’t run away from, and that is the power of a ‘capitalist man/woman’ that seats in Washington, Brussels, Berlin, London, Paris, or Hague, and throws sanctions against a fellow man in China, Uganda, Iran, or Hong Kong, simply because they have refused to open up their markets to the exploitative capitalists.

    China is also arising dog! Yes, we cannot separate China today also from the modern neocolonizing and imperialising powers, and that is why since the international division of labour cannot allow us to challenge those that tomorrow are the ones to ‘fund our infrastructure, many of our people in these countries will have to pay for that! I condemn it, but that is the result of being at the periphery of the Centre. By and large, that is why you have to point that the gun to them! I my thinking, yes we have too! and radically, you well know about Friedrich List “Kicking Away the Ladder” as further explained by Hajoon Chang, and many others like Shake and Sach’s, that as though they protected and let their states intervene in the development process, today, they are the masters of liberalisation and free trade!

    So, they will always turn the world upside down for us to continue confusing ourselves and pin pointing at ourselves, yet they are the real enemies of progress. Thank you very much for reading such a long boring statement of mine. I’m sorry, am just offering my perspective Comrade, but I enjoy scholarly debates.


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